I completed my dissertation on a personality test that is extremely helpful for most            individuals and couples. The test describes 16 normal personality types and is                  helpful for individual growth, development, and emotional understanding. My practice      uses this information to help couples understand their differences and improve their          communication and conflict negotiation skills. 

  The test, the 16 Personalities Test, is available for free online:

  1. If you would like to take the Test, please visit:


  2. Complete the test online

  3. Type in your email address and your results will be emailed to you immediately

  4. The webstie offers additional paid enhancements which are not necessary. I do not          receive any compensation from the website. I recommend the free test only.    

  Knowing about the different personality types is very helpful for improving​ marital              communication and conflict negotiation skills and for improving personal growth.
Internet Personality Test
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Don Hays PhD, LPC, LMFT